Wish List

This is a list of things I need or want. If you would like to give me any of these things, I am always grateful to accept. See the Pricing & Philosophy page to read more about why this wish list is here.

  • Food: I am always happy to receive food. My only dietary requirement is that I can’t have dairy. Also bear in mind that I live in a van where most food perishes very quickly and I have only a gas stove to cook on.
  • Eggs: I eat at least a half dozen eggs per week. They are great because unlike most sources of protein they keep well in the van. If you raise chickens or ducks, I’d love some eggs.
  • Knitting wool in bright colours. I gave away all my knitting wool when I moved into a van. Yet there are a few knitted items I’d like to make this summer. If you have any spare real wool, even lots of small lengths to make a multi-coloured garment, they would be well received

Indoor spaces – I live in a van, but sometimes it’s nice to be inside.

  • Spaces to record – living rooms or other rooms left unoccupied in the daytime whilst you’re at work. This might be for my own recordings, or for me to record with Goldflower Studio’s clients. If you have such a space, email me your contact details and I will call and ask you when I’m next in your area.
  • Housesits – I’m happy to look after your home and pets whilst you’re away. Contact me to find out if I’m in your area.
  • Places to stay in London – It’s lovely to stay with new people anywhere in the country, but when I visit London I am totally reliant on this because my van is too old to get into the LEZ zone. If you live in London and would like to offer me an open invitation, email me your contact details and I will get in touch next time I’m travelling to the capital.

Things from my wishlist that I've been given:

  • A wristwatch that doesn't tick - Thanks Kellie (August 2014)
  • A laptop bag - Thanks Lisa (July 2014)
  • Laptop charger (Thanks Shane & Matthew (July 2015)
  • Countless house sits (Thanks Claire, Steve & Polly, Cathryn & The Rocky Horro Household, Rebecca, Tony & Sarah and many more).