Prices & Philosophy

I bet you were expecting a list of prices. Nope. Instead, read this page to understand why Goldflower Studios music services don't have a price list.

(Goldflower Studios offers professional art, design and illustration on a seperate basis to the PWYW music services. Email for a quote.)

What I really want is to share the joy of music with you by recording and producing your album.

Goldflower Studio's services are offered to private clients on a “pay what you want” basis. In future I'd love to extend this idea to all my music services, but for now, I'm trying it with the studio as an experiment.

To help you understand how much I might need to live on and to maintain music equipment, the going rate for the kind of services offered is £20-30p/h. Being paid under £10p/h is likely to mean I don't break even. These figures are merely a guide and contributions need not always be solely in money.

However, to ensure that I don’t find myself constantly paid in turnips, there is also a Wish List showing what I need or want. I dislike buying brand new things for environmental reasons, so if you have any of the things on my Wish List going spare I’ll happily accept them. Some items on the Wish List may cost you nothing to give, such as letting me use your living room as an office or recording studio whilst you’re out at work.

I am also open to accepting gifts of money or other resources from anyone, regardless of whether they are someone I have worked for. You can contribute through paypal by sending to

But why on earth might you want to give me a gift if I haven’t done anything for you? Well, you may want to contribute if:

  • You follow mySymphony For Happiness weblog, enjoy it and want to support me so I can keep doing what I’m doing (either the lifestyle experiments or the free-range, organic musician aspect).
  • You like my original music and want to help me maintain my studio and keep making recordings
  • You believe in genuine, free-range, organic music and want to support Goldflower Studios so that I can keep on enabling independent artists make professional records, regardless of their income.

How can you help me without giving money? Well, you might have one of the things on my Wish List going spare, or one of your friends might. If following my journey has been valuable to you, please do tell your friends about it – they might enjoy it too and they might even have something I need. Since I live in a small space, please don’t be offended if whatever you give me ends up being passed on to someone else once I’ve finished with it.