Goldflower Studios is unique in offering industry standard equipment on a small scale. A maximum of 4 high quality inputs are available, ideal for the solo musician, spoken word artist, or small acoustic band.


  • Neumann U87 – described by BBC Studio 1 engineers as the no.1 mic that they would use on every project if they could.
  • Neuman T103 – sounds identical to the U87 when both are set to a cardioid pattern, but only offers this one pattern.


  • Protools - "The industry standard audio production platform" -
  • Waves mixing & Mastering Plugins - "The industry's most popular professional audio plugins -
  • Altiverb reverb - "The industry standard convolsion reverb" -


Should you choose to ask for musical input, Kimwei can add any of the following: electric/acoustic bass, keyboard, piano, electric/acoustic/nylon strung guitar, ukulele, flute or whistle, vocals, percussion.

Goldflower Studios does not run any midi or synth.