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Service 2: Recording & Production - from start to finish

Ryn - Confide (EP, 2014)

ryn confide Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Full Arrangement

Ryn came to Goldflower Studios to make her first EP, recording everything with us from scratch, as well as seeking full arrangements for each track.

She arrived armed with solid main vocal and guitar parts already composed. We recorded those first, then during the pre-production process, we worked together to create full arrangements including bass, electric guitar, vocal harmonies, mandolin, glockenspiel and much more. The tracks were then mixed & mastered. The above shows the before and after effects on the first verse and chorus of Thick Skin.

I also worked with Ryn to build her social media pages, upload tracks to the internet and make the first hard copies of her EP.

"I am entirely happy with every track on this EP. As a producer, Kimwei works with diligence and skill and was able to get the best out of me. Not only that, the ideas and help with the instrumentation and arrangements which she provided, added an extra dimension to my songs. Thank you Goldflower Studios, without you I wouldn't have been able to make this EP half as well!" - Ryn