Goldflower Studios

Tailored professional recording & production
for unsigned, free-range, organic musicians

Goldflower Studios is the name for singer-songwriter Kimwei's mobile recording studio and production services. I can come to your home or find a venue to work from. As a Producer, my services best suit singer-songwriters, solo acoustic artists & duos

What's different about Goldflower?

It’s unusual to find a such a small studio running industry standard equipment. When people record with Goldflower Studios, they sing into the same microphone they would if they were at Abbey Road. But simply recording high quality audio isn’t enough for me – my priority is to help each artist find the right sound for their record and stay true to their songs.

I believe in free-range, organic music created by independent unsigned musicians. Music produced by major label artists could be referred to as “battery farmed music”. Unsigned musicians don’t have a record company pressuring them to make whatever music will sell, rather than encouraging them to create genuine art. Many artists such as Lamb, Amanda Palmer and Prince walked away and became independent so they wouldn’t have to bend their music to please their record label anymore.

Trouble is, whilst unsigned singer-songwriters are making free-range, organic music, many don't have the rescources to create professional quality records. Together, we can change that. Goldflower Studios can help you make the album you've always wanted to. Browse through the Music & Services page to find out more.